About Our Workshops

Hearing God's voice is something all people can learn to do. Hearing God is not just for spiritual ninjas. Like building stronger muscles, learning to discern God's voice takes practice over time and is best developed in the context of ongoing relationship with God and His church. Our workshops are meant to provide a consistent space for you to build your discernment, sensitivity and experience with God's voice.

What is Listening Prayer?

Listening prayer is very simple. We ask God specific questions and then take time to listen for what He has to say in response. We operate under the assumptions that God enjoys speaking to us and that we are all uniquely equipped to hear His voice.

What are the goals of Listening Prayer Workshop?

Our primary objective is to help you connect to Jesus. God's top priority is relationship with people. When we listen to Jesus, we find that deep community is formed and that we're equipped to partner with Jesus in our calling, whatever that may be.

What happens at these workshops?

We operate in a workshop format. We do take time to teach concepts and lay out safe boundaries but our emphasis is on "doing the stuff" & debriefing our experiences. The best way to learn to hear God's voice is to practice listening for Him, get feedback about what we are hearing, and observe how God speaks to others.

Is listening prayer safe?

Yes, we teach and model a set of boundaries that foster a safe environment for all involved. We'll cover those at the beginning of the workshop and will reinforce them throughout the workshop. We hold a high view of Scripture and measure all we do and hear by what we know from Scripture.

I'm new. What should I expect?

We run a multi-track workshop format. First timers (we typically have 10-20) will work through an onboarding curriculum that teaches the basics of hearing God's voice, provides ample opportunity to practice hearing God's voice and provides space to debrief and ask questions. In the second half of the workshop, we typically run a small group exercise where we practice hearing God's voice for one another.

Advanced topics class format and content varies month to month. Topics can include identity, inner healing, physical healing, spiritual gifts, intercession, evangelism, listening for an individual, listening for a large group and other topics.

Who is this for?

  • You're new to hearing God's voice but want a safe, low pressure opportunity to explore the topic
  • You've had some experience and/or training but want an opportunity to put things into practice
  • You're an expert and want to help others grow in hearing God
  • You're interested in inner healing or praying for physical healing

This workshop is open to all but is primarily designed for those pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you are looking for a space to explore Christian faith, we recommend checking out a Vintage Church Alpha Event.

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Listening Prayer Ministries seeks to build and equip a community of people aligned with God's heart, attuned to discern God's voice, and freed to fully relate to God, self and others through the healing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.